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Suncollege of Engineering and technology

Sunday, September 14, 2008

placements of the students

The image of the college is focused by the good academic performance and placements of the students on completion of their course. Apart from the direct activities our college is building active links with the professional world to create a broad based relationship with various industrial sectors in Engineering. The students can contribute by taking up industrial projects and are offered placements based on the project work taken and an interview. We have established tie-ups with the following organizations for the benefit of our students in enriching their practical knowledge.

1. Mission IT, Thiruvananthapuram, nodal agency for excellence in IT education and Industry including software development and expert in the area of education information.

2. Electronic Research and Development Center of India (ERDCI) TVM.
This is a Govt. of India undertaking engaged in research in Electronics and Communication and Software Development.

Details of Companies /Industries visited the
institutions for placement since last three years.

Sl. No. Year Name of the Company / Industry Numbe of students placed
1 2003-2004 Infomedia Technologies Chennai 6
2 2004-2005 Micro Technologies Coimbatore 4
3 2005-2006 US Technologies 4
4 2005-2006 SOBA Developers 19
5 2005-2006 Infosys 1
6 2005-2006 HCL Technologies 2
7 2005-2006 ALLSEC Technologies 2
8 2005-2006 Data Batterns 2
9 2005-2006 WIPRO 2
10 2005-2006 COGNIZANT 4
11 2005-2006 IMPIGER Technologies 4

communicative skill

To enhance the communicative skill of our students, training programmes and workshops are arranged at regular intervals.

Programme I

From 18-2-06 to 22-2-06 a five day programme was organized. On 18-2-06
Prof. Rozario,
Scot Christian college, Spoke on how to use the techniques
of effective communication in one's career. In the afternoon the students
were divided into several groups, each group consisting of 10 students
and 2 staff members. The students were trained to give a detailed
self introduction. Then next day (19-12-06) Prof. Rozario, continued
his session on communication, providing some techniques for improving
and perfecting one's communication skills. In the afternoon, Prof. Rajakrishnan
of Maths dept, Sun college of Engg. & Technology detailed to the students
how to appear for the aptitude test on 22-12-06, the forenoon session
was engaged by Dr. Adalyn george of womens Christion College and she
gave useful guidlines for the personaliuty development. In the afternoon
students were trained to participate actively in group discussions.
On 22-12-06 a mock interview was conducted. The programme came to
an end with the valedictory function.

Programme II

On 16th and 17th of February
there was another training programme on Communication and personality
development Mr. Richard Chamberlain, Vice principal and Mr. Simon
Director of Communication and Spoken English Department, Kodaikanal
Christion college were the resource persons. Both of them took turns
and engaged the session. They used Visual aids to make the programme
effective. On the firstday they focussed on the personality development.
The second day, Mr. Smilus engaged the major portion of the session
and it was on communication. Students were given guidelines to face
an interview confidently and to get through successfully. Then there
was a feedback session. Students came forward with their positive
views about the programme. They were excited to spend two whole days
with the native speakers of english and they said that the programme
was really beneficial.

Programme III

A seminar on Personality Development was conducted on 3rd march,2007. Thiru. Nedunchezian, Jr. Engineer with the Southen Railways was the resource person. He concentiated on preparing the students for an interview. He said that "in the interview re'sume' is the roadmap and the candidate is the scenery". He emphasized that interview technique is vital and encouraged the students, saying that it can be learnt and achieved. He made the session interusting by including some anecdotes. He gave a lot of tips for a successful interview visual aids were also used.

full-fledged placement

We have a full-fledged placement and training division and is headed by an Industry experienced Placement and Training Officer. The function of this Department is mainly to promote industry-institution interaction for the benefit of the students to carry out their in plant raining and to undertake project work as apart of their educational requirements.

This department provides latest information to the students to update their knowledge to face the competitive examinations and interviews. This department is in constant touch with the major industries in all over India in order to provide job opportunities for the students who are in their final year. A number of Campus Interviews and off Campus Interviews have been arranged for the students by this department. This department also provides information and guidance to the students who are aspiring for higher education.

This department also provides training to the students on career development, career guidance counseling etc. A number of experienced people from different industries were called and conducted seminars and workshops especially to develop the communication skills among the students. Moreover we have purchased latest books on competitions such as IES, GATE, GRE, CAT, and TOEFL for the benefit of the students to make use of these books to attend the examinations. Apart from these, books on general knowledge are also available. Books like Competition Success Review, Employment news, Weekly employment opportunities are also being displayed on the desk on regular basis for the students.

This department is also conducting evening classes for the benefit of the students to enhance their in advanced computer courses which helps students to secure jobs immediately after their graduation.
Students Placed in Companies year 2006-2007

Sl.No. Name Group


1 J.Kanann ECE Cognizant Technical Solutions(CTS)
2 P.Niviya ECE Cognizant Technical Solutions(CTS)
3 B.P.Sree Sanoj ECE Cognizant Technical Solutions(CTS)
4 K.V.Dhanesh ECE Cognizant Technical Solutions(CTS)
5 G.Gopa Kumar ECE Tata Consultancy Services,Chennai
6 R.Kannan ECE Sutherland Global Services(p)Ltd, Chennai
7 Mahaboob Khan.J ECE Sutherland Global Services(p)Ltd, Chennai
8 Sheba Elizabeth George ECE Data Pattens(India)P Ltd,Chennai
9 Visalam.N.M ECE Aryan Infoway(p)Ltd.Trivandrum.
10 M.Subameena ECE Aryan Infoway(p)Ltd.Trivandrum.
11 Renjith.R CSE TCS,Chennai
12 P.E.Asir Epanet CSE Infosys
13 S.V.Sibin CSE Wipro Technologies
14 Abirutha CSE Impiger Technologies
15 Banupriya.A CSE Impiger Technologies
16 V.R.Saji CSE Impiger Technologies
17 S.Reshma CSE HCL BPO
18 Sandeep Sampath CSE HCL BPO
19 M.V.Vishnu CSE Data Pattern's(P) Ltd.
20 Premnath CSE Reliance
21 A.Belkin CSE Reliance
22 B.Sriram CSE Reliance
23 Radha Krishnan CSE Reliance
24 Ambujam.S ECE Offshore Pvt.Ltd.,TVM
25 K.Ramya Priyatharsini ECE Offshore Pvt.Ltd.,TVM
26 Lidhi. P.V CSE Raymonds,Mumbai
27 P.Sri Padma IT Arayan Infoways,Trivandrum
28 S.Bennison Terry IT Arayan Infoways,Trivandrum
29 R.Angeline Yesula Shiny IT Skyland Software Solitions, Chennai
30 P.Ramasri IT Maxem India, Pondicherry
31 R.Ahila MCA Zylog Systems Ltd,Chennai
32 R.Catherin Ida Shylu MCA Zylog Systems Ltd,Chennai
33 V.Siva Subramanian MCA Zylog Systems Ltd,Chennai
34 Renganathan T.V.B MCA Indus teq Site Pvt Ltd,Chennai
35 Rajesh Nair MCA Zylog Systems Ltd,Chennai
36 R.G.Arun CIVIL Soba Developers,Bangalore
37 A.bhilash MBA Reliance Communication, Chennai
38 V.A.Abhishek MBA ICICI lambard,Bangalore
39 C.Adca Sugin Durai MBA Bajaj Allianz
40 S.G.Ajith MBA ICICI,Kollam
41 H.Arul Kinslin MBA Bajaj Allianz
42 H.Dhanub MBA HDFC,Thiruvananthapuram
43 A.L.Hasida MBA HDFC,Thiruvananthapuram
44 Y.Muhammed Sharief MBA HDFC,Kottarakkara
45 S.Ramzeen MBA HDFC,Thiruvananthapuram
46 R.Sreejesh MBA ICICI,Kollam
47 P.Shiju MBA ICICI,ernakulam
48 Berlin Jose MBA Bajaj Allianz
49 Soorej Thampi MBA Bajaj Allianz
50 Antony Pitchai MBA Bajaj Alliancz
51 Lidhya Moll.L BSc Wipro Technologies,Bangalore

teaching faculty

Guided and lead by an efficient Principal, a team of well-experienced and dedicated teaching faculty is at the service of the students irrespective of the working hours. They are always ready to give them special attention and special coaching. They mould the students and embark them into the society as useful and skilled citizens.

A fully qualified faculty with a proven academic record, with their selfless dedicated service and experience impart their very best to the student community. Our staffs besides being their academic guide are their best counselors too. They help them to come out with their problem and see to the development of each student both academically and psychologically.


Sl. No. Faculty Name Qualification Designation
Mechanical Engineering:
1 Prof.D.Xaviour George M.Sc.(Engg) Principal
2 Mr.M.Kathirvel M.E.,M.B.A. Vice Principal /Prof.
3 Mr.R.Rama Udaya Marthandan M.E. Asst.Prof.
4 Mr.P.M.Diaz M.E. Lecturer
5 Mr.Neela Rajan M.E. Lecturer
6 Mr.D.Rajeev M.E. Lecturer
7 Mr.Nagalingam pillai M.E. Lecturer
8 Mr.S.Vijaya Kumar M.E. Lecturer
9 Mr.Easwaran KK M.E. Lecturer
10 Mr.Kanthavel Kumaran M.E. Lecturer
11 Mr.Sivakumar N M.E. Lecturer
12 Mr.Siva Raj M M.E. Lecturer
13 Mr.Jegan T M.E. Lecturer
14 Mr.Shanmugapriyan M.E. Lecturer
15 Mr.Sivaraman B.E Lecturer
Civil Engineering :
16 Mr.C.Selvamony M.E. Prof.
17 Mr.T.R.Sethuraman M.E., HOD/Prof.
18 Mr.S.U.Kannan M.Tech. Lecturer
19 Mr.Murugan M.E. Lecturer
20 Ms.I.Regina Mary M.E. Lecturer
21 Ms.Ratha B.E. Lecturer
22 Ms.V.Priyadharshini B.E. Lecturer
23 Mrs.N.Beula M.E. Lecturer
24 Mr.Govinda Rajan M.E. Lecturer
25 Ms.N.Chella Kavitha M.E. Lecturer
26 Ms.C.Maheswari M.E. Lecturer
27 Ms.P.Siva Bala B.E. Lecturer
28 Ms.K.V.Kavitha B.E. Lecturer
29 Mr.Brightson B.E. Lecturer
30 Mr.Ayyappan M.E. Lecturer
31 Mr.kumaravel M.A.,M.Phil Lecturer
32 Mr.A.Hamilton M.A.,M.Phil Lecturer
33 Ms.C.Subashini M.A.,M.Phil Lecturer
34 Ms.K.S.Meera M.A.,M.Phil Lecturer
35 Mrs.L.Fenci Mary Grace M.A.,M.Phil Lecturer
Physics :
36 Mr.Sheik Mujaber M.Sc.,M.Phil. Lecturer
37 Mr.Sakthi Sudar Saravanan M.Sc.,M.Phil. Lecturer
38 Mrs.Mary Ahila M.Sc.,M.Phil Lecturer
39 Ms.Mary Jeeva M.Sc.,M.Phil Lecturer
40 Ms.N.Suma M.Sc.,M.Phil Lecturer
Chemistry :
40 Mr.A.Kumar M.Sc.,M.Phil Lecturer
42 Mr.A.Sundar M.Sc.,M.Phil Lecturer
43 Mr.B.C.Raja Sekhar M.Sc.,M.Phil Lecturer
44 Mrs.R. Vijimalar M.Sc.,M.Phil Lecturer
45 Prof. N.Raja Krishnan M.Sc. Professor
46 Ms.G.Thamizharasi M.Sc.,M.Phil. Asst.Prof.
47 Mr.K.A.Srinath M.Sc.,PGDCA., M.Phil Lecturer
48 Mr.N.Jeyasekhar M.Sc., M.Phil.,B.Ed.,PBDCSA. Lecturer
49 Mr.D.Madhu M.Sc., M.Phil. Lecturer
50 Mr.K.Muruganantha Prasad MSc.,M.Phil.MEd.,PGDCA Lecturer
51 Mr.K.Mathevan Pillai M.Sc.,M.Phil. Lecturer
52 Ms.S.Suganthi M.Sc.,M.Phil. Lecturer
53 Ms.K.Vijila Dafini M.Sc.,M.Phil Lecturer
54 Mr.P.Veludhas M.Sc.,M.Phil Lecturer
55 Mr.Thiruvazhimarpha Pillai M.Sc.,M.Phil Lecturer
56 Ms.Monimozhi M.Sc.,M.Phil Lecturer
Electronics and Communication Engineering :
57 Ms.T.Merlin Leo M.E. HOD
58 Mrs.A.S.Radhamani M.E. Asst.Prof
59 Mr.S.Suresh Kumar M.E Lecturer
60 Mr.Vinod James M.E Lecturer
61 Mr.Gopal Ram M.E Lecturer
62 Mr.A.Jayakumar M.E. Lecturer
63 Ms.C.Sheeja Herobin Rani M.E. Lecturer
64 Mr.D.Asir Sathya Regin M.E Lecturer
65 Ms.A.Kavitha B.E Lecturer
66 Ms.T.Shani B.E Lecturer
67 Ms.P.Selva Kumari M.Tech Lecturer
68 Ms.G.Abisha B.E Lecturer
Electrical and Electronics Engg:
69 Mrs.K.R.Suja M.E HOD
70 Mr.C.Balasubramanian M.E. Lecturer
71 Mrs.Darcy Gnana Jegha M.E. Asst.Prof.
72 Mr.A.S.Monikandan M.E. Lecturer
73 Mr.V.Suresh M.E. Lecturer
74 Mr.K.Raja Kumar B.E Lecturer
75 Ms.P.Aruna Prakashini B.E. Lecturer
76 Ms.V.L.Nisha B.E. Lecturer
77 Ms.N.E.Bruwin Mary B.E. Lecturer
Information Technology :
78 Mr.V.K.Sivaprasad B.E. HOD
79 Mrs.S.G.Gino Shopia M.Tech Lecturer
80 Mr.S.Sreethar M.Tech. Lecturer
81 Ms.Sheeja M.E. Lecturer
82 Mr.P.M.Siva Raja B.Tech Lecturer
83 Ms.T.S.Ezhil Kiruba M.E. Lecturer
84 Mr.S.Dinakar Jose B.Tech. Lecturer
85 Mr.Ramanan B.Tech Lecturer
86 Ms.A.Shakeela Joy B.Tech Lecturer
87 Ms.P.Sumathi M.B.A Lecturer
88 Ms.R.Chitra B.Tech Lecturer
89 Ms.Berlin Jeba Jingle I B.Tech Lecturer
Computer Science and Engg:
90 Mrs.R.A.Isabel M.E HOD
91 Mr.K.N.Jeyapaul M.B.A Asst.Prof.
92 Mr.G.Jeba Anandh M.E Lecturer
93 Mr.Berin Jones M.E. Lecturer
94 Mrs.A.Antony Viswasa Rani B.E. Lecturer
95 Mr.M.D.Amala Dhaya M.E Lecturer
96 Ms.R.V.Labisha B.E Lecturer
97 Mr.A.David Raj B.E Lecturer
98 Mr.Jeba Kingsley B.E Lecturer
99 Mr.A.J.Deepa B.E Lecturer
Master Of Computer Application:
100 Mr.C.Sajeev M.C.A. HOD/
101 Mr.Ravi Kumar M.B.A.
102 Ms.A.Vaikundeswari M.C.A. Asst.Prof.
103 Ms.V.Reshmi M.C.A. Lecturer
104 Ms.M.I.Sumi M.C.A. Lecturer
105 Mr.J.Nagarajan M.C.A. Lecturer
106 Ms.R.Nirmala M.C.A. Lecturer
107 Ms.S.Sreeja M.C.A. Lecturer
108 Ms.P.M.Premika M.C.A. Lecturer
109 Ms.R.Regila M.C.A. Lecturer
110 Mr.N.Suresh M.C.A. Lecturer
111 Ms.Nisha M.C.A. Lecturer
112 Mr.P.Arun M.C.A. Lecturer
113 Ms.Padma Mary M.C.A. Lecturer
114 Ms.Felicia Bell M.C.A. Lecturer
115 Mr.T.Mathimurugan M.C.A. Lecturer
116 Ms.Lakshmi Priya M.C.A. Lecturer
117 Ms.T.R.Divya M.C.A. Lecturer
Master Of Business Administration:
118 Mr.J.Shabu
119 Dr.V.T.R.Vijaya Kumar M.B.A.,Ph.d Prof.
120 Mrs.B.R.Celia M.B.A. Lecturer
121 Mr.Maria Jain Bruce M.B.A. Lecturer
122 Mr.S.Karthikeyan M.B.A. Lecturer
123 Mr.S.Merlin M.B.A. Lecturer
124 Mrs.Rathnamala M.B.A. Lecturer
126 Ms.B.R.Archana Lakshmi M.B.A. Lecturer
127 Mr.D.Benjamin Robert Raj M.B.A. Lecturer
128 Mr.Rajendra Prasad M.B.A. Lecturer
Department Of M.Sc:
129 Mr.G.Jai Arul Jose M.C.A. HOD
130 Mr.S.P.Pradeep Kumar M.Sc. Lecturer
131 Mr.A.V.Shine M.Sc. Lecturer
132 Mrs.T.S.Sasikala M.C.A Lecturer
133 Mr.C.Krishna Kumar M.C.A Lecturer
133 Ms.C.Sutha M.Sc Lecturer
134 Mr.K.Jeyaram M.C.A Lecturer
135 Ms.A.M.Adline Rejini M.C.A Lecturer
136 Ms.I.Merlin Shanthi M.C.A Lecturer
137 Ms.G.Manjusha M.C.A Lecturer
138 Mr.S.Vijaya Sekharan MLIS.,M.Phil Librarian
Physical Education:
139 Mr.Rajendran.P MPEd Physical Director


Sl. No. Faculty Name Qualifications Designation
1 Mr.Raja Sekhar.T M.A.,M.ED Manager
2 Mr.Satheesh.E B.Com Accountant
3 Mr.Nagarajan.S M.A., D.T.E, M.Phil Asst.
4 Mrs.Lakshmi.S Typist Type Higher
5 Mr.Satheesh.T B.Com, ADCA Jr.Asst./Store
6 Mr.Austin Jeba Asir B.Sc,B.Ed Jr.Asst.
7 Mr.Vijayan.D B.Sc, B.Ed, PGDCA Jr.Asst.
8 Mr.Subramaniam.K.B DCE (Chemical) Lab Asst.
9 Mrs.Irin Sujatha.M. B.Com, D.Co-op Jr.Asst
10 Mr.Siva Kumar.T DME Work/Asst.
11 Mr.Monian.M M.Com, D.C.A, D.E.P Jr.Asst.
12 Mr.Thanaraj.S B.A Jr.Asst.
13 Mr.Suji Chandran.R M.A Jr.Asst./Store
14 Mr.Ramesh.T M.Com Jr.Asst./Store
15 Mr.Ramanujam.N B.Sc, DISM Jr.Asst./Store
16 Mr.Selvam.S H.S.C Jr.Asst./Store.
17 Mrs.Bama M.A Jr.Asst./Store
18 Mr.Abilycias Joel D.E.E.E Lab Asst.
19 Mr.Tamil Selvan.N.G M.A., NCSE Jr.Asst./libr
20 Mr.Febin Dhas.D A.D.C.A Jr.Asst./libr
21 Mrs.Josephine Lila Bai.Y D.C.A.
22 Mrs.Maheswari M.A. Rec.
23 Mr.Nagarajan.P H.S.C Office Asst.
24 Mr.Anantha Krishnan.S I.T.I Office Asst.
25 Mr.Nellaiandar.K M.Com, DCA Jr.Asst.
26 Mr.Arulmony.N M.A Jr.Asst.
27 Mr.Eugin Godfrey (B.E) Lab Asst.
28 Mr.Siva Kumar.A I.T.I Jr.Asst./Store
29 Mr.Jacob Thatheyus.V DCT, PDCA Lab Asst.
30 Mr.Raja Kumar.M D.E.E.E.,HDCA Lab Asst.
31 Mrs.Anbu Malar.T B.Sc Jr.Asst.
32 Mr.Rajesh Kannan.R DECE Lab Asst.
33 Mr.Mahesh.H DECE Lab Asst.
34 Mr.Padmanabhan.N DEEE Lab Asst.
35 Mr.Godwin.D.Emmanual DEEE Lab Asst.
36 Mr.Srinivasan D.E.E.E Lab.Asst.
37 Mr.Alphons Thankaraj.D I.T.I Work/Asst.
38 Mr.Kannan.T.K D.M.E Lab Asst.
39 Mr.Winsley Jacob.M M.A Lab Asst.
40 Mr.Sunish Kumar.S D.M.E Lab Asst.
41 Mr.Jose Demmello B.E Lab Asst.
42 Mr.Subramonia Pillai.A DEEE Lab Asst.
43 Mr.Sreekumar DEEE Lab Asst.
44 Mr.Prabakaran D.Agri Lab Asst.
45 Mr.Manikandeswaran DME.,ARRT. Lab Asst.
46 Mr.Brightwin.B I.T.I Lab Asst.
47 Mr.Raji Surendra Singh.R B.Com Office Asst.
48 Mrs.Meehal D.E.C.E Lab.Asst.
49 Mr.G.J.Jeba Singh DCA Lab.Asst.
50 Mrs.Nagammal B.Com.,B.Ed. Lab.Asst.
51 Mr.Subbian B.A. Lab.Asst.
52 Mr.M.Valli Nayagam H.Sc
53 Mr.R.Gladwin Mystor D.M.E Lab.Asst.
54 Mr.Arun Kumar
55 Mr.D.Bala Sundar I.T.I Lab.Asst
56 Mr.T.M.Singaravelu B.Lit O.Asst.
57 Mr.D.Nagarajan S.S.L.C O.Asst.
58 Mr.C.S.Kisho Kumar C.E.W.W Lib.Asst
59 Mr.S.Rama Krishnan
60 Mr.C.Raj
61 Mr.C.Suyambulinga Mahan
62 Mr.T.Senthil Kumar
63 Mrs.Sheela

64 Mr.C.Vinoth

65 Mr.Inbasagaran

66 Mr.R.Nadarajan DEEE Electrician
67 Ms.P.Nagalekshmi

68 Mr.P.Subramonian

69 Mr.T.Subramonian

70 Mr.N.Arun Raja
71 Mr.R.Achuthan
Jr.Asst. Hostel
72 Mr.D.Merlin
73 Mrs.J.Mary Sajini DEC Lab.Asst
74 Ms.Sreekala B.Sc Lab.Asst
75 Mr.Yogeswaran
76 Mr.Krishnan
77 Mr.Vinoth Kumar ITI Lab.Asst.
78 Mr.B.V.Biju
79 Mr.N.Selvam
80 Mr.S.T.Perumal
81 Mr.Bhagavathiappan
82 Mr.A.P.Saravana Kumar
83 Mr.T.Rajan
84 Mr.M.T.Kolfer Jose
85 Mr.Mr.Monikandan
86 Mr.D.David Durai DEEE AC Mech.
87 Mr.D.Wisebel Jeno
88 Mr.Chandrsekaran